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Experience Top-Quality Fence Repair Services with City Wide Fence

At City Wide Fence, we offer unparalleled workmanship for all your fence repair needs. Whether your fence has been vandalized, damaged by wind, or affected by car accidents, our team has the expertise to restore it to functional use. We specialize in repairing aging wood fences, chain link fences, rails, and ornamental iron fences.

With years of experience in fence repair and installation of new wood gates, we possess the knowledge and skills to handle almost any project. From fixing a rubbing side yard gate to performing a complete fence replacement, we are committed to ensuring your fences receive the best care possible.

And let’s not forget about gates! Our repair department specializes in repairing sliding and swinging gates*. Whatever the issue, we’ll provide tailored solutions to restore functionality and enhance the aesthetics of your gates.

Trust City Wide Fence for all your fence repair needs, and let us help you extend the lifespan of your fences.

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*City Wide DOES NOT repair gate motors. 

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