I need a new fence/repair. How do I get an estimate?

Please call our office and our wonderful office staff will schedule you with one of our experienced salesmen to meet you at your residence or business, to see how we can help you. 425-745-8645.

Does the estimate cost anything?

Nope, our estimates are FREE! Call our friendly staff 425-745-8645 or email us at: [email protected]

I have specs/pictures, can I get an estimate over the phone?

You are welcome to send those to us as reference for our salesmen to use, however, we do need to visit the property to make sure we have everything we need to write your estimate accurately.

When will I receive my estimate?

Once the sales professional are done meeting with you and getting all the information needed to write your estimate, you will receive that in your email, within the next couple of days, or mail, within that week, depending on which you’d prefer.

Occasionally a project will require special materials that we need to do some research on. In this case, it might take a little longer. If our team has any questions before it’s sent, they’ll contact you.

What if I just want purchase materials?

You may visit our shop in Lynnwood, WA. Our office is open Monday- Friday, 8am-3:30pm. We sell fencing materials to the public for the DIY savvy. We build gates and railings as well, if you’re planning to install yourself.

The estimate looks good, how do I proceed?

Great! Please sign and return your documents using the program we sent the documents with. Once we receive them, we will process the paperwork and get your job set up. It takes a couple of days to process and go through the proper steps. We appreciate your patience.

How soon can I get my project scheduled?

Once your paperwork is processed, one of our project managers will call to let you know the soonest date we have available you for. Again, we appreciate your patience.

Can I schedule my project right now?

We need the paperwork to go through the proper process to ensure we don’t miss anything. One of the project managers will contact you when it’s at that step, usually a couple of days after you have sent in all the necessary documents.

Can I bypass the schedule?

No! To be fair to all our clients, we schedule each job according to when we receive them.

I just have a simple, tiny job, why can’t I go sooner?

Even the “tiniest/simplest” jobs, can take up to a week. We need to have utilities located prior to digging. If a post needs to be set, that alone will take two days for the cement to cure. We can put you on our “filler” list, in the case that a crew finishes their jobs early.

However, we still need to have a set date, so you don’t get lost in the mix. This is also case-by-case, something one of the project managers will look over once it gets to that step.

Do I need to have utilities located?

Do I need to have utilities located?

Once your project is scheduled, within one to two weeks prior to the start date, we will spray white paint near where we will be digging, and call utilities; so their locators can come out to mark.

Any private locates are your responsibility (i.e.: sprinkler lines, invisible fences, etc.).

Do you use subcontractors to install the fence?

No. All our installers are full time employees of City Wide Fence.

Do I need to make a down-payment/deposit?

If your job requires a down payment, we will invoice you for 50%, once your project is scheduled. If it does not, we will invoice you upon completion. To ensure receipt of your invoice, please make sure your billing address is correct on your estimate.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept check, cash, or we can take credit card payments over the phone.

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

We do not offer either of those options. Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Again, we do accept major credit cards.

Do you install fences in all weather?

We install fences in all weather unless there is snow and/or ice on the ground (which is case-by-case).

Do you install gates?

Yes, we do! We will also build you a gate in our shop if you want to install it yourself.

Do you install automatic gates?

We will build the gate and install it; however, you will have to hire an electrician separately. We do work with an operator installer who would be able to install the power unit and features, however, you will still need a separate electrician.

Do you build security gate systems?

Yes, we do. 

Should my wood fence face “In or Out”?

Most cities do not care which side of the fence faces out; however, some homeowner’s associations do regulate this. It’s best to check with both if you aren’t sure. Otherwise, it’s up to you if there are no restrictions.

Do you install decks or railings?

We DO install exterior deck railings.
We DO NOT install decks.

Do you build pool fences?

Yes, we do! We have built several of pool fences for homeowners, apartment complexes, and condominium associations over the years.

Please be sure to check with your municipality’s regulations.

Do you install retaining walls or do landscaping?

We do NOT, however, we can recommend a landscaper to you.

What type of wood is used for your fences?

We use #1 grade tight knot cedar for most of our projects. This grade has a nice natural feel with some “tight” knots. These are graded as the solid ones that won’t fall out and leave holes in your fence.

In some cases, we have “clear” cedar available for an upgrade. These can still have some small “pin” knots in them but are virtually knot-free.

We also offer a pre-stained option with the #1 grade tight knot wood. It is in a “natural cedar” color that complements the typical Northwest yard. 

What is the difference between Wrought Iron and Ornamental Iron fences?

Wrought Iron is a style of fence that is not used much anymore, due to the manufacturing process. These were typically made in a blacksmith forge and each piece pinned together with hammered rivets.

Ornamental Iron is what most fences are designed with now, with welded or pinned joints that are more cost-effective to manufacture.

Most people that use the term Wrought Iron, don’t mean that they want the blacksmith to fire up his forge, but instead are looking for a nice Ornamental Iron fence.

How long can I expect my fence to last?

Most wood fences will give 15 to 20 years of life. Everyone’s parents had one that lasted 35 years, however, those were probably “old growth” wood. The younger trees that are being cut today are not giving that same lifespan.

We use “Post on Pipe” posts to mitigate the problem of the posts failing, due to rot at the ground. We have seen many cases of newer pressure treated posts rotting prematurely when placed in concrete. The chemicals in the posts were changed several years ago, and the new chemicals are not holding up as well.

Chain-link or Ornamental Iron fences will last much longer than wood, and in most cases, a lifetime.

What happens with the old fence?

As part of the new fence installation, we can remove and haul away your old fence.

We recycle the components (wood, concrete, and/or steel) to the appropriate recycling facilities.

This is only offered as part of the new fence installation and would only include those materials from your old fence.

What do you recommend be done to make my wood fence last as long as possible?

We recommend staining with a semi-transparent stain (not painting). This would usually be done every two to three years, for optimum protection.

A stained fence will keep debris and dirt from laying on the fence — if any nonstained wood lays in the dirt it will rot back into the soil as mother nature intended it to.

Is a permit needed?

The property owner will need to check with their governing municipality and obtain one if needed.

I’m in an HOA, what do I need to do?

Check your HOA bylaws and determine what they specify regarding a fence. If you tell us the requirements, we can follow them. If we haven’t been told about a rule in your HOA, we might not build it to their standard.


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