5 Reasons to Fence Your Yard

No single fence meets every homeowner’s needs and desires. Fortunately, you can organize the reasons to consider a new fence into five categories. Simply decide which categories are most important to you and use that as a guide when selecting your new fence.

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Considerations for Your Home’s Pool Fencing

In the state of Washington, built-in swimming pools must have a fence surrounding the pool or spa. The fence must be a minimum of 4 feet in height and have a gate that is self-closing, meaning the gate will fully latch behind you when you enter or exit the pool area. The latch on the gate must also be on the upper portion of the gate so the latch can’t easily be reached by a child.

If you have a built-in swimming pool and are trying to decide which type of fence will serve your needs the best, this post can help. The information here will educate you on the benefits of certain types of fencing for pool areas and provide you with other pertinent information. read more…

4 Uses for Mesh Fencing

Fencing mesh can be an integral aspect of your fencing. Mesh ranges from pliable chicken wire to sturdy welded mesh. Usually made of galvanized wire, the mesh fencing ranges in gauge weight and can get powder coating at the factory.

Mesh fencing has many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is the mesh is woven at the factory and sold in rolls. To install the mesh, contractors usually unroll it between the posts and attach it with sturdy wires. Therefore, installation is relatively easy, therefore faster and more budget-friendly. Below are some ways to use fencing mesh.


3 Questions to Ponder When Choosing a Dog-Friendly Fence

Do you need to install a fence to contain your pet, contemplate a few factors. Consider the materials used for fencing along with the height of the fence. You might choose a picket fence with secured latch, while a railed fence might not be suitable. Here are a few questions to mull over when buying your new pet-friendly fence. (more…)

Keep Your Neighbors Happy: 3 Fence Building Tips

Fences offer an excellent way to seclude and protect a yard. But fence installation isn’t just about the homeowner installing the structure. Your fencing choices also affect your neighbors. Do you plan to build a fence on your property? If so, you should have some level of consideration for your neighbors. What does this consideration look like? Here are some of the factors to keep in mind before you embark on your installation. (more…)


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